May 2010

Monica and Matt’s Wedding – Wyche Pavillion – Larkins on the River

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Monica and Matt were married at Larkins on the River in a beautiful ceremony behind the Larkins Restaurant, “Larkin’s Courtyard”.  Then we moved the Wyche Pavilion for the reception.  Orange Krush was an amazing band and really gave a wonderful performance.  We photographed away as a brand new, beautiful married couple danced in a beautiful venue as the last rays of daylight waned. 

Matt Gets Ready
Monica with the finishing touches!
Walking from the Hampton Inn & Suites to the wedding

Pronouncing them Man and Wife in the Larkins Courtyard
Finally we are man and wife….
Time for all the Formals!
The party has started!
Dad’s Toast
Monica and her dad doing the Father/Daughter dance.
Orange Krush performes with two special guest stars!  The bride and Groom!
Larkins on the River’s Wyche Pavilion and Greenville light up the night.
Bouquet Toss time!
Larkins at night
The tired couple head to bed at the Westin Poinsett Hotel

Sally and Mark’s Engagement – Falls Park, Greenville

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Sally and Mark wanted to have their engagement photo session in Falls Park in Greenville.  We started at the Wyche Pavilion near Larkins on the River and worked our way around the park with their beautiful greyhound – Champ.  It was a hot day and Champ let us know that his paws were too hot for the park sidewalk.  This wonderful couple was all about each other and that is just the way we like it for our engagement shoots.  The photo session should be about them, being with each other.  It was a wonderful shoot and we finished up before Champ, and the rest of us, melted in the sun. We had a great time with them…I just love it when a couple is lovey and not afraid to show it in front of the camera.

Jillian and Nick’s Wedding – Zen, Greenville SC

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Jillian and Nick were married at St Anthony’s Catholic Church in the West Side of Greenville SC.  After a wonderful ceremony, the beautiful couple joined me for a brief visit at the Greenville Drive game.  Then it was on to the HUGE reception at Zen, in Greenville, just a short walk from the Fluor Field.  With the live Infinity Show Band from Atlanta, all you can eat Sushi and over 350 guests, the party was on!  We even had a visit from Jeff Dunham, a famous ventriloquist you may have seen on the Comedy Channel.  Nick and Jillian danced the night away and the party didn’t end till after 1am!

Kendel’s Bridal Shoot – Cliffs at Glassy Mountain Chapel

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Kendel and her family met us at the Cliffs at Glassy Mountain Chapel for her bridal session.  We started our shoot in the chapel itself and then moved on to the wonderful views from the cliff side.  The Cliffs at Glassy Mountain Chapel is a wonder to behold.  A small chapel, capable of holding over 200 people, perched on the top of a mountain cliff side.  Kendel was absolutely beautiful and we picked the perfect weather for her shoot.  (After having to postpone the shoot already due to rain weeks before.)   Kendel had no fear as we placed her upon the cliff side rocks for some amazing photos.  Here are the photos she selected for her bridal book: