November 2008

Courtney and Joe

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It was a cold and overcast morning in Myrtle Beach for Courtney and Joe’s photoshoot. Two people truly into each other.

Pansy and Gary

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Pansy and Gary were married today…

At Mount Pleasant Baptist Church in Travelers Rest, SC.

This was a first for me as a Wedding Photographer. The Groom helped finish the buttoning up of the bride’s dress before the wedding.

Pansy and Gary, ready to tie the knot…

We caught one of the flower girls getting ready…

The Church choir performed right before the wedding.

The wedding done, time for the grand reception, and on to the honeymoon!

Dana and Carl at The Willow Creek Conservatory

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Dana and Carl enjoyed the beautiful, sprawling, 47 acre estate.

What a beautiful wedding venue.

The couple loved posing in front of the main house at the Conservatory.

But who gets to drive?

The covered bridge made for some beautiful images.
Dana risked her dress to allow me to capture photos that I believe border on art…

Yes, I got a little artsy with these shots. The goal was to make them look almost painted.

Jennifer and Chandler

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Jennifer and Chandler were married at Marietta Baptist Church today!

Chandler and his crew goof off a bit before the wedding.

Jennifer has her hair done while her bridesmaids get ready.

I had a unique shot of the ceramony through the window in the back door of the church.

The cake was beautiful…

As was the couple. Their first dance.

Time for the Honeymoon…

Sharon and Emmett

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Sharon and Emmett were married at Larkin’s on the River today.

Before the wedding, they sneak a few words of love and hold hands. No peeking! You will see her in a few minutes…

A beautiful wedding location.

Emmett actually created the cake topper out of Legos! Their cup-cake wedding cake was a hit.
The grand exit. We all were finding birdseed for days afterward.