June 2007

Jana and Jim Curry Wedding

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I photographed Jana and Jim Curry’s wedding at Walnut Lane Bed and Breakfast in Lyman, SC. It was lovely. She is a school teacher and some of her students came for the ceremony. This couple really seem to be in love. They were so cute!

The flower girl was adorable.

Lindsay Watson SDC

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Today I photographed Lindsey, the owner and head instructor at Southern Dance Connection. She is a beautiful lady inside and out. We went over to Keith’s place to shoot after some nice shots at her dance studio. http://www.southerndanceconnection.com/

We had fun trying to replicate the SDC logo. I think she finally nailed the pose after torturing her with a dozen attempts.

Jennifer and Darell Engagement Photos

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Jennifer and Darell are engaged! I went to Greenville with them and shot them in the
Rock Quarry Garden. It was beautiful!!! Jennifer had a bit of a sunburn to start with.
I beleive their wedding is on February 14th, 2008. I get to be their wedding photographer. Yeah! I can’t wait.

Softball Game

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The Guardian Knights softball team wanted some team photos, so here I am out of my studio following the little white ball.

I suprised myself with my timing. I nailed most of the shots. It’s amazing how scary the faces are in mid-batting swing.