May 2007

Southern Dance Connection Recital

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I had fun photographing the SDC 2007 recital! Imagine a hundred kids ages 2 to 18 taking stage for a dance recital! It was wonderful. I love helping SDC! Especially since my daughter also is a dancer there…

I snuck up to the lighting platform for this one!

SDC at Greer Family Festival

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It was a VERY busy day today! I photograph weddings, families, models, and I am a photographer for Southern Dance Connection in Greer, SC. SDC performed this morning at the Greer Family Festival. I ran in, got the shots and ran to a wedding today…

Krystan and Andrew

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Krystan & Andrew are in love. He only has a few weeks off from deployment in Afganistan, and this lovely couple is spending as much time as they can together. Then the US Army sends him back to defend our country once again. Thank you Andrew. Good luck you two…